Wooden Slabs - Birch Wood - Table Protection for Hot Saucepans

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We live in the country but not far from the sea and have some beautiful mature trees in our own garden and around where we live. Sadly when the wind blows, some of the trees come down and we look for ways to convert what the weather brings down about us into something useful. Especially fond of the feel of wood - a warm and strong material.

We cut some of the wood into slabs and traditionally its used in the kitchens in Sweden as a wooden trivet to put the hot saucepans onto the table to serve up but can be used in many different ways to display small things in your living rooms. We sand the wood to make them smoother. The rings in the wood will become clearer with sanding

These wooden slabs will protect your surfaces from heat if you bring saucepans from the stove to your table. They are rustic but naturally beautiful. They will last for a long time.

These slabs weigh about 100-120g each and measure about 10 cms across.

These wooden slabs are currently from Birch wood

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