What we've been up to

by maria joy

Like everyone our life has changed a lot in the last year or so. Something we still have to process. Brexit and the Virus are having huge impacts. Trying to adapt.

Brexit means we are selling only to the UK until we can get our head around the changes and the Virus means we are reluctant to go to markets. We have to think of new ways to bring our products infront of customers.  At the moment our focus is on other things - but we are always happy to make a sale and we still donate 10% of the product price to Global Giving projects. We love hearing from people - please dont forget us - if we are not so visible.

Our blog thebluepolarbear, Twitter @Honey_Beeswax and Facebook page athough get little sidetracked with funny videos about cats and dogs.

And own photographs are on Fine Art America - can be made into cards and different types of prints.

When people discover us - we make small versions of dogs and cats from photos. Try and find out as much as we can about these animals and dont make a work of art - just something someone can put in their pocket and take with them when their friend is not with them.

Love to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs for our garden - previously for markets to interract with real people. Thou love going to these places, because of virus have put this on hold - please if you want to buy from us, do this through our website..

One of the proudest things is a fantasy story have written - loosley based on real events - 'Wind Soughing through the trees'. Intention always to add images currently not included. This came about trying to understand the root of a shadow that crossed our lives and is still in some ways part of our lives. As time goes on - you reallise everyone has a shadow they learn to live with. maybe this is the thing that sets you free.

Below is our Fluf - when he was little smaller


Fluffy in his blue tunnel - m.joy