Silkie - Handmade Woollen Sculpture

Honey Beeswax, Small Woolly Animals
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"The Silkie chicken that looks like a cuddly toy! Silkies have feathers that do not latch together, so they look like they are wearing fur not feathers. They are friendly and cuddly too. The Silkie breed was documented in ancient China and known in those times as Chinese Silk Chicken. The first western recording of a Silkie sighting was by Marco Polo, in 1298. He marvelled about seeing a bird with black skin and “hair like a cat” on his travels to China. Through maritime trade and the Silk route, the Silkies were taken west. Eventually, Silkies were bought to America, and admitted to the Standard of Perfection by the American Poultry Association in 1874. Their characteristic downy feathers come in a multitude of colors including white, black, blue, grey, gold and porcelain. Silkies are one of the most friendly, docile and calm chickens breeds. They are very unusual looking, described as “chickens with fur”, and amusing to watch. Silkies make excellent little pets and are tough for their size. They are easy to handle and love to be cuddled. Not the best for all conditions, however, Silkies are not cold or wet hardy, and also may stop laying in hot temperatures. Many Silkie owners use them for pets, and so are kept indoors most of the time. They are mediocre egg layers, and typically lay very small crème colored eggs, not more than 120 per year." (
Honey Beeswax
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Small Woolly Animals