Scandinavian - House Warming Present

An unusual gift or house warming present - a Scandinavian Tonttu-Ukko (Tomte or Nisse)

The Tonttu-Ukko was believed to take care of a farmer's home and children and protect them from misfortune, in particular at night, when the housefolk were asleep. Despite his smallness, the Tonttu-Ukko possess an immense strength. Even though very protective and caring they are very easy to offend. 

To keep them happy, a particular gift was a bowl of porridge on Christmas night. If the Tonttu-Ukko was not given his payment, he would leave the farm or house, or engage in mischief such as tying the cows' tails together in the barn, turning objects upside-down, and breaking things.

The Tonttu-Ukko likes his porridge with a pat of butter on the top.