Our alternative to Carbon Mitigation - Donation to Global Giving Projects

by maria joy

We wanted to offset
our Carbon Footprint as some of the things we are selling come from Thailand, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Greece.

Global Giving is an organisation that promises to send 90% of funds donated to the projects they are supporting and gives regular updates how these are progressing.

We picked projects, mainly to do with children and the environment, that we would like to help.
Since some time - when you buy one of our products online, we will donate 10% of the price of this product to this pool of projects. Our target is £500.00s. The minimum donation is £6.00's - so we may need to wait to make this donation until the amount collected togethor equal this.

You can follow our progress by visiting our Global Giving Page where you can see the projects we would like to support and raise awareness of.

Our Fundraiser - The Butterfly Effect

Thankyou for helping