New Baby Album - For My Grandchild - Fill and Tell

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For My Grandchild - Fill and Tell

For my Grandchild

Is an album of memories for grandparents to fill in and share the story of their life with their grandchildren. This precious gift can be purchased, filled in and given to a grandchild by their grandparent, or bought as a present for a grandparent to complete at their leisure. As it is filled in, each copy of For My Grandchild becomes a unique treasure trove of family memories, stories and fascinating little facts which can be kept, shared and cherished for generations to come. As they fill in the album, grandparents are inspired to share stories and details about themselves with their grandchild.
Each chapter focuses on a different time of life, so grandparents can share memories of their own childhood and upbringing as well as stories about their grandchild’s parents and the mischief they got up to when they were young. Amongst the quirky and colourful illustrations designed to delight readers of all ages, there is ample space to write, paste pictures and store other documents from generations past that will fascinate curious grandchildren. As fun for the storyteller to complete as for the listener and reader to receive

How the book came about

“I remember quite a lot about my grandfather. But I have no idea what he used to dream about as a boy, or how he became the man I know today. The experiences and memories that make him my grandfather shouldn’t go to waste. That’s what inspired me to create this book” says Terese Öman, writer of “For My Grandchild“.

For My Grandchild is a memory album designed to be completed by grandparents. As they fill in the pages, grandparents are given the opportunity to share the story of their life with their grandchildren. The result is a unique treasure trove of experiences, dreams and memories which combine to create a precious gift for their grandchild.

As they complete the album, grandparents are inspired to share details about themselves and their lives with their grandchild. The fresh, modern text complemented by beautiful, quirky illustrations make this album fun for grandparents to fill in, and for grandchildren of all ages to read and re-read.

Chapter by chapter, this memory album guides the writer through their lives, providing hints and tips on what to write as well as ample space to share individual stories and memories.



- For my grandchild whose name is…

- Family tree

- My family

- My dad

- My mum

- How my parents met

- My childhood family

- When I was little

- On the dinner table

- My childhood home

- Household chores

- My favourite things

- At school

- My teens

- My education

- At work

- Falling in love

- Having our children

- Family life

- At our house

- Come and eat!

- Our household

- Travels and adventures

- Friends and other important people

- Time passes

- Bits and bobs

- In my world

- Go ahead!


Hard facts

- Concealed spiral album with padded cover

- Scope 50 pages

- Thick uncoated paper good for writing and pasting

- Two plastic pockets for saving drawings and other stuff in

- External measures approx. 22 x 23 cm