Natural Sea Sponges - Small

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Our beautiful Sponges come from the seas around the Greek islands. We have chosen very fine Sponges, soft and gentle for bathing your baby. These ‘Silk’ Sponges are the very best quality.

They are much softer than synthetic Sponges and also gentle and soft to use on your face, to remove make up for example.

Sponge diving with all its traditions and history still forms the very soul of the people on some of the Greek Islands. Beautiful brightly colored houses are built surrounding the port and arranged on hillsides down to the fishing boats below.

This fine quality Sponge is best suited to bathing your new baby but can be used for facial cleansing

Natural Sea Sponges are hypoallergenic and 100% biodegradable.

The price is for one natural Sea Sponge.

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Place of origin: Greek Islands
Size: Approx 4 inches long although Sponges can be irregular
Washing Instructions: Hand wash or dry clean
Care: As they are natural products, to keep them soft and lovely, please rinse your Sponge
        with clean water after every use, allowing the Sponge to dry between use.

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