Hibiscus Seeds

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From our tricolour Hibiscus plant we collect seeds. 2018 has beena good year.

We cant guarantee the viability of these seed but have dried and collected them and they look good. The advice is to nick the seeds and then soak overnight before planting in pots or (deep) seed trays in the spring.

Our Hibiscus flowers in an English garden in late summer into autumn as other flowers in the garden die back. Ours grows quite vigerously - especially as we discovered by accident- if we cut back the flowering stems before winter and fleece if frosts are due.

It is lovely to have this exotic flower in our garden - perhaps as the summers get a little hotter it will be more a feature of our gardens.

Our flowering shrub produces a profusion of white, red and lilac flowers and came originally from 'Bakkar' in Holland. Hibiscus is meant to be a patio flower but we have planted in a border and do little - except water in summer, fleece in winter and cut back. A little feed in the spring and when it flowers probably wouldnt do any harm.

Hibiscus seeds do not breed true and will be a mixture hopefully of these colours

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