Fantasy Sculpture - Easter Hare

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"Just before Easter in Germany all the shop-windows are filled with Hares - Hares made of chocolate, toy Hares, Hares with fine red coats on, Hares trundling wheelbarrows or carrying baskets full of Easter eggs. The Hare in Germany brings all the eggs on Easter Sunday morning.

He hides them in the garden, unless it rains or is very wet. All the curtains must be pulled before he will come into the garden, he is very nervous. Then he hides the eggs in the most unexpected places.

Why a Hare at Easter - the legend is that as the Hare always sleeps with its eyes open, it was the only living creature that witnessed the Resurrection and therefore for ever afterwards has become associated with Easter" World of Tales Our Fairy Hare has dark brown eyes and unusually a white cottontail. His blue waistcoat has flowers and ladybirds and he wears small grey shetland wool shorts. His small wings have little droplet paisley shapes of lilac and faux pearls. (If the wings are not required - we can remove them) He has a Tibetan silver handmade logo.

This is not a Toy and not intended to be sold for Children under 14


Brand: Honey Beeswax

Dimensions: 30 cms tall
Material: Only Wool
Washing: Hand wash carefully

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