Craft - Autumn - Basic Felt Making

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Felt is the earliest known form of fabric and is still part of the way of life for Nomadic tribes for making rugs, tents and cloths. Felt available in Craft shops although well made, uniform and in many different colours, somehow lacks soul and is expensive. Felt made by you will have soul and your creativity.

The Felt you make will probably be little thicker, especially if you are using wool from a fleece and can be customised with different colors and patterns and if you discover you love to do this - learn techniques from many people from all over the World and go far beyond our small book. This is just the beginning. You can make clothes, shoes, slippers, bags, woollen art and jewellery from many different materials - not just from animals but also from plants

Felt making is about slowing down, simplifying, getting a bit messy and just being you

This small and basic 22 page tutorial - as well asnstructions how to make Felt- includes a project to make a Felt Cushion Cover and Pillow using Felt made by you. Please contact us - - if you need any help.