Beeswax T-Lights - Natural (4 Pack)

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Honey scented natural Beeswax T-Lights in small foil cups which which burn for 2-3 hours. We use only natural Beeswax and Cotton Wicks - nothing else is added.

Our Beeswax is produced in Sussex and are perfect for long family dinners, wedding receptions, leisurely bath times and inside a storm lantern they will light up summer evenings outdoor.

Our store began because we loved making Beeswax Candles. Now we make and sell many lovely things but we still donate 10p per Candle to the Charity 'Action on Addiction' (Registered Charity Number 1117988) for every one sold. One of their Campaign slogan's is 'Moving from Darkness into Light' and we hope our Candles, draw attention to this. We sell our Beeswax Candles in local stores and markets.

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Honey Beeswax