Animal Sculpture - Penguin Chick - Handmade by Honey Beeswax

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The price is for one woolly Penguin and all our Penguin Chicks will be a little different as handmade for each Order.

Our Penguin Chicks are based on chicks of Emperor Penguins. Interesting thing, incubation is solely the responsibility of the male penguin. The male fasts during the winter incubation of the baby penguin egg. He puts the egg on top of his feet and covers it with his abdomen and then falls asleep. The incubation lasts two months. During the Antarctic winter, the period of darkness can last more than 20 hours a day. Huddling Emperor penguins may spend most of a 24 hour period sleeping, as sleeping conserves energy while they fast. Meanwhile mum after handing over the egg, spends most of the winter at sea

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This is not a Toy and not intended to be sold for Children under 14


Brand: Honey Beeswax

Dimensions: About 6 cms high and 3-4 cms wide (not including flippers)
Material: Only Wool
Washing: Hand wash carefully

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