About our company



Our Beginning..

Honey Beeswax live in the Sussex countryside in England and began by making handrolled Beeswax Candles.

We wanted to do something to help the Charity Action on Addiction www.actiononaddiction.org.uk so we donate 10p per Candle to this Charity. The main thing that stood out is not only do they support the person going through the addiction but they also support the family with respite care and research and their fundraising is fun.

Reallise life can be very hectic and tough and try and find more time for simpler life. Happiest with hands in the soil and cooking what we have grown. We began selling Avoca because we love the soft feel and beautiful colors of their Baby Blankets, Lambswool and Mohair Throws and Scarves and the people who run the business make us smile.

Then we began adding more products made by ourselves beginning with our Confetti Cones with petals and seeds because my background is in growing things - so when the autumn winds blow, im busy collecting seeds. And our little woollen animals made to order are just one of those funny things that just happened.

Guess everything came about because it was something we would love to have ourselves.

We are only an online store since COVID19 (spring 2020) althou normally we love visiting different markets to sell our things because some things  you need to see, touch and feel and because love the atmosphere and buzz from other traders and people passing thru. In spring and summer we would be at outdoor markets where we sell plants we grow and in the winter indoor events to sell our woollens and gift products


If you are affected by drug or alcohol use on a regular basis or someone important to you is - especially if you or they are turning to these ways to escape these rocky times  - please reach out for help. The links in red are to NHS websites and the link to  Action on Addiction  all include useful advice and people you can talk to who will be happy to help.  When we are drunk or drugged, we dont always make sensible choices which can impact our mental health. In Scotland - please contact Scottish Familes affected by Alcohol and Drugs.

As a family, we have had our own journey and are still travelling. When we are struggling, we all need that person on the end of the phone to listen and help us turn things around.