Hibiscus Seeds

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We grow plants from seed we collected in our garden and we dont use any chemicals knowingly as fertiliser or pesticides. We use organic methods - things like comfrey to encourage growth of tomatoes and companion plant beans with marigolds as this is meant to  draw the aphids away from the beans. We go out when it gets dark to pick off slugs and snails. This doesnt always work when you have very small snails - so we do loose some - but feel safer about eating what we have left.

The Hibiscus seeds come from a tricolour plant from Holland that has survived outside with little effort from us in the UK - except pruning in the winter and watering in the summer. It flowers in mid to late August - with 3 different colours - white, blue and lilac.

The leaves of a Hibiscus drop in the autumn and leave the seed pods - which we collect in mid winter.

The seeds we are selling - are from winter 2020-2021. The previous year we collected same seed and had almost 90% germination..

We dont have any special processes to dry the seed - we just shake it out of the seed pod and leave it somewhere warm or sunny to dry for a few weeks.

Perhaps you would like to try some seeds to see what success you have.

It will take about 2 years before you have a plant with several pairs of leaves. To begin we plant in a seed tray and wait for germination. If this happens we put each plant into a small pot and gradually increase the size of the pot over the next few years until we hope it will be big enough to plant in the garden. You need lots of space for a Hibiscus plant as it will grow into a lage shrub of several meters unless you prune in the winter which we recommend.

You are buying about 20 seeds which we recommend you plant in the spring. You may like to soak before sowing in a seed tray. We cannot guarantuee the colour except we hope they will be will be white, blue or lilac.