Halloween - Black Cat - Fraidy - Collectable - Retired Beanie Bear

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'Fraidy' with orange eyes, ears and paws was the first Beanie Baby to have an animal design on its orange ribbon - little black cats

This Beanie had one previous owner, a Ty Collector who bought 'Fraidy' new. We will be very sad to see the little black cat go.

Tush tag and 7th Generation swing heart tags (with a tag protector) are in mint condition.

These 7th generation heart tags were only released in the UK (European), the tags are just like the 6th generation tags however, the hang tag says 'Ty Europe Gosport, PO13 OFW' instead of just 'Ty Europe'. The only other difference is that "BEANIES" is written across the yellow star. There are 108 Beanie Babies that can have 7th generation Swing tags! Ty family: Beanie Babies

Style number: 04379
Animal: Cat
Exclusive to: Special category:
Birthday: October 13, 2000
Introduction date: September 3, 2001
Retirement date: November 12, 2001
Height: 6 inches (sitting)
ST generation(s): 7, 9
TT generation(s): 10
Theme: Halloween

Superstitious people fear
I'll bring bad luck if I am near
But I'm not into all of that
I'm really just a happy cat! 

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